The Leaders


BROWN OWL (unit 424A)

I was born in S. Africa and brought up in Scotland before moving to Hong Kong in 2000 and now run my own businesses here in DB. I like to keep busy and give to the community so I had the drive to lead DB's first open Brownie pack.  

I am passionate about arts and crafts, fitness and team sports as well as building girls confidence and experience. It is a pleasure seeing our Guide community grow.


TAWNY OWL (unit 424A)

I grew up in Hong Kong. I love seeing what changes being a Brownie brings to young girls. I hope all of us will enjoy every moment of “growing up” together.


SNOWY OWL (unit 424A)

I am a former Brownie from Manchester, England. I have lived in Hong Kong since 2008 where I am busy running my UK property business and looking after my four daughters! I am a member of the local community choir and have also previously been a Scout leader here in Discovery Bay. 


LITTLE OWL (unit 424A)

I am a former Brownie and Girl Guide and grew up in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. I now run my own business in Hong Kong and China. I am really interested in outward bound activities. 


CHESTNUT OWL (unit 424A)

I grew up in Hong Kong and England and have two children (girl and boy).  My daughter has been in Pack A since it started and so, inspired by the activities of Brownies, I decided to join as a leader. I like the idea that Brownies teaches girls to be the best that they can be and always lend a hand.  When not being in Brownies leader, I work as an employment lawyer in a law firm here in HK.


BROWN OWL (unit 424B)

After growing up in Africa I lived in the UK, France and the Cayman Islands before moving to Hong Kong. I was the leader of a Girl Scout troop before becoming the Brown Owl of 424B.

I run my own charity and am passionate about sailing, camping and the outdoors. I am so looking forward to helping each Brownie develop to her fullest potential.


HAWK OWL (unit 424B)

I was a Girl Guide in Scotland and loved the camaraderie and feeling part of something bigger than myself. I am most looking forward to helping our Brownies develop their confidence and leadership skills.


FLUFFY OWL (unit 424B)

Growing up in Germany with Turkish roots, I've lived in many countries around the world.

I am very excited to be part of a passionate group that helps to create a generation of independent and confident girls.


TYTO OWL (unit 424B)

I was born in Montreal, grew up in Switzerland and have now lived in Asia the last 25 years. I am a mum to 3 girls, work full-time and, in my free time, enjoy exploring new places with the family. I'm looking forward to using my life skills to encourage the girls on their Brownie adventures.  


Spotted Owl (unit 424A)

Originally from the Netherlands, I grew up in Belgium where I was a member of the Chiro, the biggest youth organisation.  During my teenage years I worked as a leader for language learning camps.  I have been living in DB for 2 year after several years in China & Indonesia.  My goal is that every Brownie grows into an independent and confident young person in charge of her own path in life.


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