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The Leaders


Joyce Leung

Brown Owl (Pack A)

I am a crafty person, I enjoy making crafts and writing calligraphies. I like planting but at the same time I am scared of bugs. I am not very sporty but I am happy to try and learn new things. 

I was a Girl Guides in Hong Kong and the chairman of my troop. I do volunteer services in Hong Kong for over 6 years and I was the chairman of MHAHK volunteer service group. Being a brownie leader I would like to share my knowledges and skills with the girls. Watching them grow, being trust worthy and independent.


Carman Chan

Unicorn Owl (Pack A)

I am an investor in the technology sector and also do a lot of international speaking.


Through the Brownie program,  I hope to share my observations, experiences and zero to one skills.


Guiding these energetic girls has been highly rewarding. I encourage trying new things while leading by example. My hope is inspiring courage, curiosity and compassion through our activities, as the Brownies gain confidence and life skills. It is a joy helping them at this formative stage.


Tiara Lau

Snowy Owl (Pack A)

I grew up in Hong Kong.  I have been joining the Girlguiding movement for 15 years. I was a Brownie, Guide, Ranger, and now as a Guider!


Besides, I am also serving as YoWo Think Tank Core Team Member ( focusing on Young Women Governance) at Hong Kong Girl Guides Association.


I love seeing what changes being a Brownie brings to young girls. I hope all of us will enjoy every moment of “growing up” together!


Tracey Prigge

Chestnut Owl (Pack A)

I love being outside and am really interested in the natural world. I am a scientist and do research investigating illegally traded wildlife and wildlife products using genetics and chemistry at the University of Hong Kong.


I was a Brownie and then a Girl Guide for many years while growing up in South Africa. I have many fond memories from these times and I think the camps and outdoor activities really sparked my interests in nature and contributed towards the person I am today. I really enjoy working with the girls and watching their excitement when doing different activities. I hope to show them that they can grow up to be whoever they’d like to be.


Sharon McEneff

Night Owl (Pack A)

I was a Brownie whilst brought up in Scotland before moving to Hong Kong in 2000. I run my own businesses here in DB and like to keep busy as well as give to the community.

I am passionate about photography, arts and crafts, fitness and team sports as well as building girls confidence and experience. It is a pleasure seeing our Guide community grow.

I am now the Commissioner for Peony Division.



Thushi Wijeyekoon

Brown Owl (Pack B)

After growing up in Africa I lived in the UK, France and the Cayman Islands before moving to Hong Kong. I was the leader of a Girl Scout troop before becoming the Brown Owl of 424B.

I run my own charity and am passionate about sailing, camping and the outdoors. I love helping each Brownie develop to her fullest potential.

Lucy Mullens.jpg

Lucy Mullens

Tyto Owl (Pack B)

I was born in Montreal, grew up in Switzerland and have now lived in Asia the last 25 years. I am a mum to 3 girls, work full-time and, in my free time, enjoy exploring new places with the family. I enjoy using my life skills to encourage the girls on their Brownie adventures.  

Jennifer Atepolikhine Photo.jpg


Night Owl (Pack B)

I grew up in Hong Kong and became a Brownie with my best friends. My day job is in the sustainability field and I look forward to sharing my passions for the ocean, swimming and fun while supporting the growth of the girls.

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