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25th November - it's the annual Hong Kong Girl Guide (and Brownie) Parade!

News just in - we are invited to watch the annual Girl Guide parade this November!

We won't have been in existence long enough to take part at this point (we need to learn to march is the main issue!) but it will be a great opportunity for us to learn what being part of this Hong Kong-wide, indeed global, movement is all about.

On a personal note, I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE parading as a Brownie, Guide, Ranger and Young Leader in the Midlands, UK. It was such a thrill being part of such a large group of girls, all dressed impeccably and parading together so smartly. Getting the chance to hold the unit's flag was such an honour and the whole occasion was such a brilliant experience.

Below is a photo I found of a previous Hong Kong Girl Guiding Parade. Don't they look fabulous? I am looking forward to seeing you all there representing Discovery Bay in 2019!


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