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A matter of faith

Updated: May 30, 2019

Pack A were visited by 4 wonderful women this Saturday, representing Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam.

Kelsang Tumo, Priya, Dana and Atika - our fabulous guests!

The girls got to spend time with each of them in a "What's in the bag?" activity.

Looking at the Quran. Atika showed them how see can read Arabic

The women had bought along several items connected with their faith such as a prayer mat, a menorah, prayer beads and a holy book, which the girls were able to look at up close and ask any burning questions they had.

Priya showing the Brownies a Hindu decoration

Our guests provided the snacks - it was a great opportunity to try a few new things: challah bread, gulab jamun and dates.

The Brownies learning about the importance of this special rice

The second half of the meeting saw the girls recreating a story from one of the faiths through mime and narration.

Dana sharing the story of the Menorah candle

It was a great session and a lot of fun was had. We are SO grateful to our guests for giving their time to Pack A!

The Brownies all went home wearing beautiful bindis!


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