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Christmas Party!

So we came to the final meeting of our very first term and we had a great party to celebrate!

The pack ready for a Christmas Party

The Brownies made snowflakes with Brown Owl, played a very challenging marshmallow game with Tawny Owl:

The Marshmallow Game - how many can you pick up without using your hands?!

They wrote and posted Christmas Cards to themselves about the Good Turns they planned to do over the holiday with Eagle Owl and tried their best at the Box Game with Barn Owl.

The Box Game - how low can you go?

There was a delicious spread of food provided by the Brownies (and their parents!) but the real cherry on top was those who went to Kadoorie Farm and cared for their plants for a month afterwards were awarded their very first interest badge for their brand new sash!

Snowflakes with Snowy Owl!

We are now on holiday until the start of January and we wish everyone a very happy Christmas indeed.

Making snowflakes with Brown Owl


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